Hi! I’m Megan. Over the past 10 years, I’ve worked at a small-town Ohio newspaper (my first-ever story was covering a dispute that involved fried chicken). I’ve worked as a writer, editor and digital content producer for one of the world’s largest non-profit organizations and its monthly publication (and snagged a pretty sweet cover story with Jeff Bridges. I made a life-changing entrance into the world of digital content marketing for a mid-sized agency, helping some of the coolest, fastest-growing franchise brands tell their story and inspire new franchisees. And I’ve learned more than I ever thought possible during the course of a year and a half climbing the ladder at a start-up specializing in turning consumer data into sharp digital marketing campaigns (we’re talking brands like Amazon, Boost Mobile, Procter & Gamble and more).

All of these individual experiences might seem disconnected—but trust me, they’re far from it. Each of these wild, challenging, rewarding and unforgettable roles have made me who I am. Today, I’m a creative strategist who geeks out over the science of data in marketing. I love helping brands discover those elusive “a-ha!” moments by finding solutions fueled by data and turning it into smart content that gets audiences to stop scrolling.

When I’m not behind  a computer, I'm searching for inspiration. I love the farmer’s market and the antique market, candle-lit dinner parties with friends, the lessons learned in creating the perfect, flaky pastry dough or the best-ever Sunday sauce. But what I’m really enamored with is the texture of life itself. Making everyday life, stories, people, and places not just beautiful but interesting is my raison d’être. There’s always a story worth telling.